Extremist religion and natural events

On the night of 04/04/2015 there was a total lunar eclipse, but for some religious extremists, they were probably packing up for Judgement day.

When you reject Science the world becomes much more of a scary, unknown place, ignoring facts about lunar eclipses and other natural phenomenon leads you to believe that everything is the cause of a deity. Apparently the Bible said that when Jesus returns (if he ever existed in the first place) a number of things will happen, including the moon turning red. The people who wrote that clearly didn’t know that it was a natural event happening once every so often throughout as long as the moon has existed. There was a YouTube video where someone asked some Creationists what they would do if the moon turned red. Most of the answers generally included them ‘not knowing what to think’ and ‘being worried’. It just shows that a lack of understanding of Science can not only lead you to be vulnerable, but also to think that a completely normal natural event is the work of God.

The world is full of many amazing natural phenomenon, from fire-rainbows to volcanic lightning, these don’t have anything to do with God, but some Creationists don’t know any better. I will cover the damage that religion can do in another blog.

If you want to know more about Creationist arguments and how to debunk them then visit my website; countercreationist.com


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