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This is a site about religion and atheism. By all means believe in the Bible, the Quran, or any other religious text, and be open minded. But don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out. My goal is to encourage people to use rational, logical thought and question everything. I am only one human, but like many atheists, I hope that I can make an impact to the world and free our species from organised religion and illogical stories.

“Question everything or believe anything.”

On this website we will be discussing Religion, Science, Atheism and Young Earth Creationism. From applying scrutiny to the Bible to debunking religious arguments we will be taking an in depth look at various topics such as free will, morality, Heaven, Hell, God, Jesus, the Bible, and more. I occasionally feature videos and articles, and my site can be useful for both atheists and the religious.

I have several series on this blog, such as Questions for Christians, where I ask as many questions as I can think of, and The New Bible, where I rewrite the Bible in the most amusing way possible.

Check the menu to the left for lists of different content and the blogging series I have created, or check the archives at the bottom of the page for a complete list of my content. Follow my blog to keep updated on my newest posts, and you could even like me on Facebook!

Total follower count: 193 – a big thanks to all my supporters!

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